What We Mean By Nonverbal Communication?


The term nonverbal communication is a term that is used broadly. It usually signifies transferring of information with the use of words. This kind of communication often aids or supplements verbal communication in a formal or unconscious manner. There are societal cues that work in nonverbal communications. The forms of this kind of communication comprise of facial expressions, body language, personal grooming, hand gestures, graphical signs as well as designs which are used for personal or commercial communications as well.

Features of nonverbal communication

It is about how communication is achieved without using words rather than vocalization of expressions. Handwriting styles are often signified of nonverbal communication. Sounds like grunts or oral sounds are considered as part of nonverbal communication. Again, culture and societal behavior in communities define the kinds of nonverbal communication which are prevalent and the meaning of the same. These tactics are often put to use in neon signage in Sydney which are designed for commercial advertisements.

Use of nonverbal cues in advertising

The use of nonverbal cues or communication is rampant in advertising. The cultural influences dominate in this case. Hence, the cues like shaking of hands, bowing or holding the palms together are usually certain common non verbal cues which are effectively used along with brand names of companies or products to create a certain image or impression on the minds of the customers. The same is highlighted in neon signs which are put up with the same slogans, images and brand attributes everywhere to strengthen the association in the minds of the customers.

Impact of nonverbal communication

It is said that actions speaks louder than words. The same principle is exploited in many unique ways for a product or service advertising. For instance, the body language of two people is shown in an advertising campaign of a deodorant in order to show the sex appeal of the fragrance of the deodorant. The impact of the visuals of these nonverbal cues has a greater impact than writing about the same in any promotional campaign.

Innovative ideas

There are many ways nonverbal cues can be used to create a distinct ad campaign for a product or service. That is something that is explored by the creative professionals of a marketing team on behalf of the client company. It also depends on the nature of the product or service that needs to be advertised. For a product that depends more on experience through the senses, nonverbal cues can be effectively used in the creation of an ad campaign or a story that will be shot like a film. Innovative ideas or short films based on nonverbal cues are known to create a far reaching impact on the minds of customers.