Types Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising, as the name implies is any type of advertising done outdoors. There are many types such as billboards, bus benches, street furniture, banners, hoarding etc. that could be used to send out the word about your products to the customers. Companies use these outdoor advertising techniques very creatively so that it would catch the eye of the customer and make a good first impression. So here are a few types in detail.

Billboards are the most common outdoor advertising method used. They are displayed on highways and other high traffic roads so that when people do get stuck in traffic, they would actually look up at the billboards. However, with the high cost associated, only high end companies use this method. When designing a billboard you should always keep in mind to highlight your company name and also put up a very short and catchy tag-line so that every time someone looks up at it, it would stick on their minds.

Advertising on buses and trains are another method. Many people who use public transport could be reached by this. It provides a superb eye level coverage so you could use many colours and detailing in your posters. These are the advertisements that should always be printed in high quality since customers could actually walk up to it and read it.

The bowhead flag and banners are another attractive and cost effective advertising method. These are very commonly used at sporting events, exhibitions and other special advertising campaigns. It could also lead the way to the event destination by placing them on either sides of the road. The fact that they could be printed on both sides and also that it is so attractive and eye catching is why many organizations use them.

Apart from the bowhead flag, street furniture is another great way to advertise. People would tend to read advertisements while waiting for their bus or taxi. Companies such as Coca Cola and fast food chains have taken great advantage of street furniture and bus stops. Colourful, creative and lit up banners are normally used for this purpose. Sometimes, they even carry out promotions or install vending machines so that people could try out their products then and there.

Giant inflatable animals, characters, structures etc. are a fun way of advertising. You’d obviously look twice at these dancing puppets and your kids will love them too. They will surely beg the parents to try your products and of course you’d land a few sales.

Outdoor advertising provides the benefit of reaching out to many people at once and creating an impression in their minds. Catchy tag-lines will always be remembered and will surely lead to sales.